Nine GSU alum worked collaboratively to create So Lyrical, It Feels Spiritual, an anthology of Black women poetry book set to release on August 1.

This ground-breaking collection of poetry tackles issues surrounding race, sex, body image, relationships and more!

The featured poets include: Kimberly F. Monroe, Blythe Dennis, Kourtney Thurmond, Katrina Harris, Ardella Player, Landis Anderson, Ja’Mell Fairly, Regernique Rasco and Danielle Savage.

These contemporary poets uniquely bring together contrasting visions and styles that illuminate aspects of women, African-Americans, and life experiences.

Blythe Dennis, who is also a music artist,  has been writing poetry since she was a kid. Its actually how she got into writing her own songs.

“Writing poetry for me is freeing,” Dennis said. “It makes me feel at ease and it gives me an opportunity to be as raw and honest as I want.”

She believes this poetry book is awesome not only because she is apart of it, but because she and the poets had a chance to showcase the talent that comes from products of GSU, especially women.

Along with working on the poetry book this year, Dennis also released a project entitled “The Heartbreak EP” that also showcases the authentic her and the pure emotions that she often times gets from poetry.

Kimberly Monroe, editor of the book, posted to social media representing African-American queens,  “For Us, By Us” and many supporters responded with excitement and eagerness to  purchase the book to dig deeper into each of the poets work.

This is Monroe’s first poetry book, but this is not her first rodeo.  She is no stranger to using her gift to write to produce extremely creative content.  The alum and current Howard PhD. student wrote her first children’s book about GSU’s homecoming experience entitled “Homecoming In Tigerland”  illustrated by Christian Ryan West last year. The book has become a GramFam favorite.

All of the featured poets have been busy working hard to make sure that this also is a favorite for not only poetry lovers, but for supporters of strong women who refuse to go unheard around the world.

The new book described as ‘real, raw and uncut’ is available NOW on Amazon Books and in Barnes & Nobles.




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