HBCUs are some of the most stylish campuses in the world. Howard University, specifically, is a campus where some students will “pop out” just because. Overall, the goal for many students is to simply showcase their personality through what they wear on a daily basis.

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Khara Mobley aka KT is a freshman Computer Science major from Memphis, TN.

“I truly feel like my style defines me.”


KT began making waves in style far before he hit Howard’s campus. He exudes confidence, swag and even a regal nature through his style. KT says that his goal for putting together outfits is to give people a glimpse of his personality without saying a word. His fashion inspiration is made up of a range of everyday people and even celebrities. One celeb in particular is Young Thug; this artist has remained an influence because of his independent attitude, he truly does not care about opinions when it comes to his personal style. Just like Young Thug, KT is bold in the diversity of his style and he encourages anyone looking to change their style to forget about what others think and just do it!

KT’s Looks! 

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