Howard University is known for many things, and one of them is its Homecoming celebration.

The universities Homecoming Week is a time when alumni and currently enrolled students come together and “turn up” without cease. With annual events such as the fashion show, tailgate, Yardfest, etc., Howard’s Homecoming has always been the place to be. Even Ludacris said it: “Then jump in the car and just ride for hours/ Makin’ sure I don’t miss the homecoming at Howard.”

However, Howard’s success at creating memorable Homecoming weeks over the past 20+ years is all due to the hard work and dedication of student-ran Homecoming committees. Each summer, a committee of selected students unite to plan the biggest Howard event of the school year. After a long summer of planning, the rest of Howard’s students can count on festivities with unparalleled fun. Unfortunately, this October, Homecoming might have a different outcome; there is no student Homecoming committee.

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Because this year is the 150th anniversary of Howard’s establishment, alumni took the responsibility of planning the 2017 Homecoming week. Although current students are supposed to be optimistic about Homecoming, it is difficult since the calendar of Homecoming events was released. The calendar showed no Yardfest, but instead a Youtube Fanfest, which students were not fond of.

Based off of the lack of Homecoming event planning, it is evident that current students will have a hard time supporting this year’s Homecoming week. No one is certain whether this year’s Homecoming will be a hit or a miss, but Howard University is surely playing games.


  1. All the events are the same they just weren’t on the calendar yet. There is an international yardfest and tailgate amongst other annual events.

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