When we say a maximum, we mean quite specific things. And no, this is not a ticket directly to the National Football League, although this is also important. We talk about recognition and love from girls. After all, we know how important it is to you, mate. Believe me, for these girls, who constantly spin around your training ground and go to all your matches, it’s also important. It’s not for nothing that they prefer to spend their free time looking at how the coach calls you worthless boobies. And they could spend this time on an empty chatterbox with friends and watching all Gossip Girl seasons.

So do not miss the moment and use the opportunities to the maximum because you are not in vain honored to wear a football uniform. And we’ll tell you what to do.

Step #1. Make sure that you wear a football uniform in size. Remember that this is your calling card. This is your sparkling armor. The cleaner the armor, the brighter it shines, and hence it can be seen from afar. All the girls in the district should know that you are in a team. As a player, not as a run errand boy.

Step #2. All the girls you see around are potential brides. And you know what? All of them want to build a relationship with a tough guy. For example, with a football team player. So like you. So your self-confidence is normal. If you do not have it, then it’s time to change something. Girls like guys like you. Remember this and go make love exploits.

Step #3. Now you have to ask yourself a very obvious question: which girl should I choose? It has the same obvious answer – the one that you like externally. But do not rush, it’s not so simple. In love affairs, you need to have some wisdom, not just the ability to instantly determine the size of the female breast. First, take into account that the girls who gather around guys who are engaged in something “classy” (football, skateboarding, basketball), think first of all about their status. They want to be better than other girls. Do you want to be a toy in her hands? I think no.

In addition to potential predators, who need the very fact of “owning” a guy from the “cool” get-togethers, there are other girls. They also go to all your matches, but do not behave so defiantly. They go to watch your games because they like football. They feel this unique atmosphere. You need one of them.

Step #4. How to find out this devoted fan of football among the other hunters for the grooms from the college team? it’s very simple: ask her a question about who won the last championship. Casually ask her about the football rules. Ask a few basic questions about football and everything will become clear to you. You will be surprised how skillfully some girls play their roles. They know everything about the external attributes of a football fan, but nothing about the game itself.

Step #5. So, you’re lucky, you were patient and you met That Girl. Now you should be ready to protect her: the other girls will understand that they have no chance. And this is very dangerous: in such a situation, girls are uncontrollable. Most likely, they will spread dissenting rumors about your new lady. Do not believe what other people say. Especially if it’s an offended girl.

Remember that you were lucky to find not just a girlfriend, but a real companion. A person with whom you have one passion thing for two. This is the best motivation that an athlete can dream about, especially a beginner. So play football, love your soul mate and believe in your heart!