Stars of BET’s “The New Edition Story” Keith Powers, Luke James and FOX’s “Star” Ryan Destiny visited the Atlanta University Center October 19th. In light of homecoming season, FARRINHEIT 411 hosted their first HBCU “Campus Pop-Up: AUC Homecoming Edition.”

The pop-up visit began at Clark Atlanta University where Keith Powers shared his arising story to stardom before a packed Acting I class of aspiring actors and actresses. With the floor open to dialogue, Powers admitted it was his first time visiting an HBCU campus. As eager as students were to get to know the 25 year-old heartthrob, he was just as eager to learn about their experience as students attending a historical black institution. He posed to the group, “what keeps y’all coming back?” as the students went around the room sharing their individual perspectives.

The spirts of the students elevated higher, when Luke James surprised the class joining his former co-star Keith and fellow cast member of “Star” Ryan Destiny as she watched along the side.  James recalled how meeting Keith Powers during the filming of “The New Edition Story” blossomed into a real brotherhood amongst the cast members. As a musician, James voiced his appreciation for having friends he can turn to for advice navigating his new ventures in the film and television industry.

“We started a group chat and from that day there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since the first day that we don’t speak. We speak every day. I’m a musician, so it’s easier to communicate with other musicians. Film, that’s another world itself. How do you know what’s the new auditions and the new movies coming out? It’s a blessing to connect with these dudes that do this 24/7. I’ve learned so much from this cat.”

Ryan Destiny detailed her almost two year process landing her leading role of Alex on the hit TV show “Star.” Despite the lengthy process of securing her primetime roll, she says she’s “still hungry” to keep succeeding in not only acting, but music. She closed the classroom pop up with parting words of inspiration for the upcoming talent.

Following the theater class visit, the three traveled to Morehouse College’s homecoming pep rally for a meet and greet, where the students of Spelman, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta had another up close and personal opportunity to see them for lots of selfies, laughs and a few excited fan tears. The students of the AUC admitted their inspiration and gratitude of the campus pop-up, making a lasting homecoming memory in their school experience.

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