Paying for college is difficult, especially with tuition prices on the rise. Getting grants and financial aid is very helpful but even then, sometimes it is just not enough. We sat down to chat with Norfolk State University honors college graduate Maiya Taylor to understand more about her financial journey through college. While studying at NSU, Maiya was granted a scholarship from Allstate, and she shared how it literally took her far, changing her life.

Buzz: “So, what did you do with the money Allstate gifted you?”

Maiya: “I used the scholarship to study abroad in Akita, Japan in Spring 2015.”

Buzz: “I have always wanted to study abroad, its one of my regrets. How was it? Can you share a little about your international experience?”

Maiya: “Their gift funded my very first opportunity to ever travel abroad!”

Buzz: “Niiiiice! Yes for opportunity”

Maiya: “It was my first time on a plane too! The opportunity exposed me to a new culture. I was already a beginner Japanese learner, but being immersed in Japanese culture at a Japanese university helped me become much closer to native fluency.”

Buzz: Nice, soo essentially Allstate helped fund an opportunity you wouldn’t have otherwise, be afforded. Literally. That is so awesome man. Japan in college, that’s a once in a lifetime experience!”

Maiya: “Yeah. When I returned to the U.S., I did cutting edge research on the treatment of biracial Japanese people in Japan. With the guidance of my professor and honors dean, I presented this topic at the Southern Regional Honors Conference and the Virginia’s Collegiate Honors Council, where I won first prize in oral presentations! I later got published in an academic textbook – “Ideas and Influences” through Kendall Hunt – on the same topic.

Buzz: “Wow so the scholarship which led to your international travels did have a long-lasting effect! What else can you share about this opportunity?”


“I feel extremely grateful to know that students of all backgrounds – especially minoritized individuals – are being supported to achieve their goals which would otherwise be impossible without the $1.6 million raised by Allstate.”


Buzz: “If you could say anything to the team over at Allstate, what would it be?”

Maiya: “I would say that the responsibility of ushering in a compassionate, diverse, and driven generation rests in the palms of our hands – and I would humbly thank Allstate for committing themselves to this through their fundraising initiatives and efforts.

Maiya currently lives in Virginia, not too far from campus and she is working on getting herself into graduate school. Her life motto is from Harry Potter, her favorite book series: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore. We are thrilled to stand with Allstate as they impact the lives of HBCU students like Maiya, around the globe. To support Allstate’s efforts to fund education and support historically black colleges and universities, get your quote today. When you get a quote, Allstate donates $10 to HBCUs! It is that simple. Get your quote today: 


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This post was sponsored by Allstate.