Sponsored by the HBCU Dance Corporation, Inc.

Forget the fields; HBCUs win in the stands every single game. The ladies of the dance line are the soul of the occasion and their moves are literally the heartbeat of the game. Their flawlessness and flexibility isn’t achieved overnight and by no means, is supported by anything less than the best. We are referring to the ever-absorbent, discreet Tampax and Always Radiant Collection that empowers women to live confidently and move leak-free.

Did you know that four in five African American women ages 18-35 say they avoid wearing certain clothes during their period, fearing the possibility of leaks. Half of African American women say they wear pads for period protection and half also say they bring a jacket or sweater during their period when they go out to meet friends or on a date. 25% of African American women say they avoid dancing while on their period.

Sponsored by the HBCU Dance Corporation, Inc., the Tampax and Always Radiant Collection seeks to empower women to wear whatever they want, even on their period. Beginning November, they have teamed up to host the #RadiantDanceOff , a national online dance competition exclusively for majorette teams at HBCUs. The competition allows teams to showcase their moves and emphasize one of the Tampax and Always Radiant Collection’s messages: confidence is the key to feeling radiant any day of the month.

The winning majorette team will be awarded with new costumes designed by Brea Stinson, a Clark Atlanta University alumna and exclusive celebrity costume and fashion designer. Stinson is responsible for innovating styles and she has even styled the costume queen herself, Beyonce. She says, “During that time of the month it can be challenging to feel like your best self, which is why I am so excited to partner with the Tampax and Always Radiant Collection to inspire dancers to feel and look confident during their periods no matter what they wear.” The winning team will also receive $25,000.00!

Week after week, videos of black girl magic, femininity, poise, and pure slay have flooded the timelines of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, displaying each team’s best moves and the team and individual confidence of dozens of young African American women.

As the competition comes to an end, we excite to see which team is the selected as the premier representation of confidence and radiance.

We will announce the winners once selected. Stay tuned.