According to the Shade Room, Bowie State University alumna Toni Braxton isn’t quite married just yet.

More details on who she might get married to (rapper Birdman) to come! Keep scrolling down!

Anyway. The “Heart Away” singer recently explained that “I am not married, unlike my big mouth sister Tamar has been saying everywhere… I’m definitely not married yet,” reported the Shade Room.

“Hmm…it’s the “yet” part where things get interesting,” wrote Talio O. at the Shade Room.

Maybe there’s a better word than interesting to describe Braxton and Birman’s relationship, but that’s neither here nor there.

Last year, according to the Shade Room, Braxton’s so called “big mouth” sister Tamar appeared on the Wendy Williams show and basically spilled the beans on her sister and Birdman and their relationship, or partnership, or both. You can call Tamar what you want just don’t call her broke.


The gag is is that Braxton has been spotted with a huge rock on her finger ever since Tamar gave that interview to Wendy.

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