Drama, family and fame is the business of Growing Hip Hop Atlanta. Season 2 of Wetv’s popular show delves deeper into the personal lives of Rapper and Actor Bow Wow, Singer Zonnique Pullins (daughter of T.I. and Tiny), Reginae Carter (daughter of Lil Wayne), Ayana Fite (daughter of DJ Hurricane), Brandon Barnes (Son of Ms. Deb and Brother of Waka Flocka) and Shaniah Mauldin (daughter of Jermaine Dupree). Each cast member brings to the show their own story of growing up around hip hop royalty as well as working towards their own goals and ambitions.

Photo Cred: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WEtv

Here’s what Season 2 has in store for viewers. Bow Wow is diligently working on a new music project, but begins to hesitate about his collaboration with legendary music producer Jermaine Dupree. Although, Dupree was heavily responsible for Bow Wow’s initial success, Bow Wow seems to allow a petty disagreement come between their musical partnership. Some believe a seperation of the two artists could stunt Bow Wow’s continued growth as a rapper. Drama is steadily brewing between Reginae and Brandon, as an altercation from Season 1 left both parties ready to seek revenge. Both of their parents fear that things could escalate, causing the prolonged disagreement to end in violence. We’ll have to stay tuned to see if Reginae and Brandon actually end their beef. Speaking of Brandon, he is still working hard to make a name for himself as a music executive. Throughout  the show, he’s steadily plotting to make one of his protegees the next great music star. Barnes is extremely opinionated, a quality he shares with his mother. However, his opinions often trap him into arguments (i.e., Reginae) and keep him as the center of controversy.

Songtress Zonnique is solely focused on her budding career. After firing her mother from her management team, Pullins is finding that booking multiple shows is a little harder than expected. As always, mothers never truly leave their children behind. It will be interesting to see how Zonnique and her mother, Singer Tiny of Xscape, rebuild their professional relationship. Then their’s Ayana, an aspring fashion designer with a bold personality. DJ Hurricane’s daughter is completley unafraid of anyone who gets in her way. This new season reveal’s more about her fashion business and rocky romantic relationship. Lastly, but most certainly not least, theirs the seemingly sweet and shy Shaniah. Ms. Shaniah is ready to take charge of her love life, but is afraid her dad may not approve. Jermaine Dupree seems to be very protective of his daughter (as most dads are), so Shaniah’s transition into womanhood, could possbly affect their father/daughter bond.

The new season of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, is a little different from your average reality television show. They are offspring of some of the world’s biggest stars, which means they aren’t blinded by the bright lights. Each cast member has presumably seen the success and pitfalls of stardom and yet they still have the desire to hustle in industries that can be unforgiving. Yes drama exists, but in each storyline lies the ambition to make it happen, a sort of salute to the parents that raised them. To see how their stories unfold, tune into Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta on Thursday nights at 9pm only on Wetv.