How a black boy in an animated series inspire us all to dream big.

Meet Judge Khalil. Judge Khalil is an animated series about a boy who aspires to be a Judge. The series discuss topics such as the importance of entrepreneurship and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, equality for all races and embracing different cultural backgrounds.

Judge Khalil is a modern day, coming-of-age story about a boy that dreams of becoming a judge. With the encouragement from his family, friends, and favorite teacher, Khalil works his way to his dreams while maneuvering middle school. Our new series will not only reinforce positive images to young people of color, but will also chart new territory in exploring varying career options that aren’t frequently highlighted, specifically for children of color.

From equality and race to friendship and classroom politics, Judge Khalil will bring a fresh take on the timeless story of maturation. Khalil and the rest of the characters will find themselves navigating new journeys that reflect today’s issues while focusing on the importance of following one’s dreams.

As Khalil chases his dreams, we are asking that you help us chase ours! When you decide to support us, you are supporting a company that is committed to improving, uplifting, and reconstructing the image of people of color across the globe.

Judge Khalil is necessary because young people of color need more positive images of themselves in media.  With the increased accessibility of televised police brutality and the lack of uplifting roles for persons of color, the media has the ability to tarnish a young person’s mentality and vision of self worth and importance. With Khalil wanting to become a Judge, there is potential to inspire minority children to explore law and other different career fields that differ from the traditional paths of Lawyer, Judge, and Doctor.

You can view the trailer below. Check out and donate to the Judge Khalil crowdfunding page. You can also follow the creation of the series on Instagram @JudgeKhalil.


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