Central State University, the only public historically black college or university, or HBCU, in the state of Ohio, is helping students in a huge way. According to a recent report by Campus Logic, the black university is helping students finance their dreams, making a difference and helping people in the community.

“My favorite day of the year is graduation day. I don’t work the event, but I always attend. I sit, I cry, I laugh, I smile…It’s such a hard feeling to explain,” stated Sonia Slomba, the school’s Director of Financial Aid. “It’s a very rewarding day.”

She added, “No one grows up dreaming they’ll be a Financial Aid Officer. But it is such a gratifying career where I feel like I’m really making a difference and helping people.”

People were basically like I put on for CSU!

“I try to wear my CSU gear more at work because the only time they hear about my alma mater is when it’s in the media about something negative,” wrote one Twitter user.