The Root recently reported an alarming finding about HBCUs in an article, after coming across a new report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that shows that at 20 HBCUs, six-year graduation rates were at 20 percent or lower in 2015. “To frame it another way, only 1 in 5 enrolled freshmen ended up graduating within six years,” wrote The Root’s Anne Branigin.

From The Root:

“For perspective, the 2015 national average for all colleges’ six-year graduation rates was 59 percent. According to the AJC, a “handful” of HBCUs are graduating half of their new freshmen within six years.

Leading the list in terms of 2015 graduation rates was Spelman College, with a six-year graduation rate of 76 percent. This was considerably higher than Morehouse’s rate, at 51 percent, and neighboring Georgia State, where black students make up the largest share of the school’s population, with 58 percent.

But Spelman fell behind the University of Georgia, which, at 86 percent, graduated about 4 out of 5 freshmen within six years.”

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