As the semester winds down, students are preparing for their finals and beginning to say farewell to their teachers. Or in the case of the Howard University Spanish Department, students are beginning to say “Adiós y nos vemos el próximo semestre!

In an attempt to merge the Howard University general population with the Hispanic and Latino community, the Spanish department hosted an event that was one for the books. They encompassed food, performances, and presentations to provide an exciting tour of Latin America.

Brittani Randall, a junior in Spanish 4 at Howard, said “this event was amazing because it covered every different aspect of the countries. It combined food, culture, and the historic backgrounds of numerous South American countries.”

Students from all Spanish levels presented PowerPoints, recited spoken word, danced the Bachata, and did other fun activities to get the crowd involved. To make the experience more realistic, the Spanish teachers only spoke in Spanish.

The food, provided by students, was all recipes from a Spanish-speaking country. For instance, the event had guacamole, tacos, salmon empanadas, nachos, and pineapple soda.

The crowd’s reaction of the event was so positive that the Spanish department has already decided to host another event similar to this one next semester.