A Central State University alumni was named to a full board position for the African-American Community Fund. He becomes the youngest member of the board.

“The feeling of being the youngest board member is really phenomenal,” said Willie Walker, adding “I credit Central State and Wilberforce for installing in me the proper ways to become a product of success.”

“In this role and the sub committee which I will be working on my goal is to look at ways to find for educational college opportunities for Students wishing to attend The GREAT Central State University and Wilberforce University.”

Walker said that as of December 2014, the African-American Fund has over 180 funds with an estimated value of $5.3 million. In addition, AACF since its inception has contributed $3,273,762 to non-profits providing services within the African-American community of the Dayton/Greater Miami Valley region.

“What a wonderful testament to the many donors of the African-American Community Fund,” he said.

Walker added that the African-American Community Fund includes a variety of current and deferred funds that support various needs within the community – religious, arts, social services, education, youth, and health and human services organizations. These funds will ensure that the current and future needs of our community are met.