Writing that a Central State University graduate, and also a Howard University graduate, had secretly recorded conversations with President Donald Trump while working at the White House in the nation’s capital, The Shade Room reported that this black college graduate is preparing to sale a tell-all book.

Omarosa “used these recordings as leverage while she was shopping her forthcoming tell-all book to publishers,” writes Myeisha E. of The Shade Room, adding “The release of this info comes just a few days before the book, titled “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” is scheduled to hit stores.”

“Multiple sources familiar with the ‘Omarosa tapes’ described the recorded conversations between Trump and Manigault as anodyne, everyday chatter, but said they did appear to feature Trump’s voice, either over the phone or in-person,” The Daily Beast reports.

Myeisha also wrote that Omarosa and Donnie’s relationship goes way back: