Jackson State University is located in one of the top ten most affordable college towns, according to Move.org.  Home to the HBCU, Jackson ranks No. 9, among 25 other towns on the list, due to the city’s median costs for rent and utilities falling on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

JSU also has the lowest in-state tuition at $20,221 per year when compared to Millsaps College and Belhaven University. All of its other factor expenses are pretty impressive, as well, making the numbers alone worth looking at living in the Magnolia State.


    • Median monthly rent is $833.33, with monthly utilities averaging $124.54.
    • A gallon of gas is $2.24, while a one-way local train fare is $1.50.
    • A movie ticket is $8.50, and a 0.5-liter of domestic beer is $1.42.

Minimum wage starts at $7.25.