The student loan debt crisis has hit African-Americans the hardest, and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren says she knows how to fix that glaring racial discrepancy.

The senator from Massachusetts announced Monday that she has a plan to provide debt relief for the approximately 42 million Americans burdened with paying back excessively high sums of money paid for their educations. Warren said her solution would focus on inequalities that disproportionately affect African-American and Latino families.

Part of Warren’s plan would create a $50 billion fund to support historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) so they can provide affordable educations comparable to other schools in their areas.

Her overarching plan would forgive federal student loan debt for lower-income people. Those who earn $100,000 or less would have $50,000 erased from their loan. Borrowers who have higher incomes, up to $250,000, would have smaller amounts forgiven. Warren said her plan would impact more than 75 percent of borrowers.

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