1. Virginia State University

VUU student Jaelon Hodges was recently selected to intern with actor Terrance J., becoming one of two historically black college and university (HBCU) students chosen to intern with Terrance J’s management company, Sunset Park Productions, this summer in Los Angeles.

2. Hampton University

A Hampton University student designed an app that helps teachers, and students. “Ever since maybe like middle school, I’ve found programming was an amazing way to do what I love most,” Carlos Mayers, a rising junior at Hampton, said. “I’ve been able to solve problems in a way that pushes the envelope.”

3. Kamala Harris

Howard University Grad Harris campaign boosts efforts to enhance her longtime connection to historically black colleges. She has stepped up that connection in an effort to “mobilize students and graduates of historically black colleges and universities—known as HBCUs—as well as the country’s nine black fraternities and sororities,” the Associated Press reports.

4. Buzzing News

Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge introduced the Parent PLUS Loan Improvement Act to amend the Higher Education Act.

From the Office of Marcia L. Fudge:

”Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) re-introduced the Parent PLUS Loan Improvement Act of 2019 to reduce the financial burden placed on parents and families from high-interest Parent PLUS loans. The bill lowers and caps current interest rates, allows for an income-based repayment option for families, and eliminates origination fees.

The rising costs associated with a college education already pose a significant barrier to earning a degree. Pell grants and Stafford Loans are not enough to fully cover college expenses, which can leave parents and students with a hefty financial burden,” said Rep. Fudge. “As PLUS Loan interest rates continue to climb, it is the duty of Congress to ensure parents and families are not crippled by staggering college costs. The Parent PLUS Loan Improvement Act allows for greater access, flexibility, and transparency during the student loan process, and provides much-needed relief for Parent PLUS Loan holders nationwide.””

5. Partners

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