Four HBCU students in Atlanta, GA are recovering after being shot during a back-to-school block party on Tuesday night. Two of the students are Clark Atlanta University students while the other two attend Spelman College.

The shooting happened during a block party around 10:30 p.m. at the intersection of James P. Brawley Drive southwest and Beckwith Street southwest.  

Local police believe all four of the injured women, who are between the ages of 17-19, were not the intended targets of the gunmen. One student was shot in the chest, one in the leg and bullets grazed the two other girls, reports WSBTV.

The shooting reportedly took place in front of a local library, which services both HBCUs. None of the injuries were fatal. Police reported that a confrontation that went south ignited the shooting.

This video shows dozens of students running frantically after the gunshots were heard.

“It appears there were two separate groups that were targeting each other and the students in the crossfire,” Atlanta Police Capt. William Rucker told WSB. Police are reviewing the video near the shooting scene to see if the incident was caught on tape.

Clark Atlanta has scheduled a campus vigil for students on Wednesday at 12pm while calling for an end to gun violence.