As a college student, have you found yourself randomly needing a study partner for your next exam, or a carpool? Maybe you need someone new to roast in NBA 2K20? Now with a new app, it just got a lot easier to connect with other students on campus.

JoinMi is the new college tasking-sharing app created by Hampton University junior Carlos Mayers. On campus, there’s so much out there to collab on. So JoinMi has interest categories like sports, food, health, transportation, and shopping. You can easily be someone’s partner to go for a run, or find a new friend to split the cost of a pizza.

The app is refreshing and fun because it’s run for and by students, not administrators. JoinMi is user friendly as well. To post an activity you want others to join, just pick a category, location, then the date and time. Students looking to join the fun just need to browse categories and select a task. There’s even direct messaging to make connecting even easier. 

What sets JoinMi apart from other apps is it replaces the awkwardness of searching for a partner on a college bulletin board or virtual chatroom, where there is little to no personal connections, and in some cases little to no controls. It also initiates these one-to-one contacts based on a common goal, in a space that is student controlled and comfortable for a generation in which technology is central and essential. 

As a freshman, Mayers recognized how hard it was get things done when he needed help. Now with JoinMi, setting things up doesn’t have to be so awkward and time consuming.  

Download JoinMi on the App Store and Google Play today for a smoother semester.