Reporting that Morgan State University’s enrollment is on an upswing, the Baltimore Sun’s Talia Richman wrote that the rising number of non-African American students who are attending the historically the black institution is thanks to the school’s campaign to become more diverse.

“No one expects that only Catholic students will enroll at Notre Dame, Morgan president David Wilson says, ” Richman, who covers city schools and higher education for The Baltimore Su, wrote. “So why should anyone be surprised that a historically black college or university would recruit students of other races?”

Wilson said the black institution does not deny people outside of African Americans from enrolling into the school and insists that Morgan will remain an HBCU.

“Morgan has never said to a student, ‘You can’t come here because of your race,’ unlike the traditionally white institutions in the state of Maryland,” Wilson said. “Morgan is an HBCU. It will always be an HBCU.”

The student body has grown by 15 percent since 2006, from roughly 6,700 students to 7,700, according to the Baltimore Sun. 

h/t to the Baltimore Sun