Kamala Harris says President Trump put the “criminal” in criminal justice reform.

The Democratic presidential candidate hit Trump with a zinger as the two traded barbs a day after he made a controversial speech to a handpicked audience at a historically black college in South Carolina.

“The only part of criminal justice you can claim credit for is the ‘criminal’ part,” Harris tweeted at Trump.

Trump earlier took a jab at Harris, whom he branded as a “badly failing presidential candidate,” for skipping an event at Benedict College in Columbia, S.C., which rolled out the red carpet for Trump the day before.

Just a handful of black students were allowed into the event, where most of the seats were taken by black Republican Trump backers. Polls say Trump has the support of less than 10% of black voters.

Harris, who attended Howard University and is a champion of historically black colleges and universities, says she will hold her own criminal justice event because she doesn’t want to “paper over” Trump’s misdeeds.

Finding herself in Trump’s crosshairs may give a much-needed boost to her primary campaign. She is struggling mightily in recent Democratic polls.