Everyone these days is talking about having a side gig or part-time job to make a few extra dollars along the way. You can drive your car around town as a makeshift taxi or walk people’s dogs for money, but these don’t let you express yourself creatively. So then what do you do? Here are some side gigs you can do that can show off your creative side and still let you make a little extra cash.

Designing With Flowers

Yes, there is money to be made working in the garden. People across the country go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their yards look beautiful year round. If you’re creative, love flowers and working outdoors, this is something to look into. Designing wonderful layouts with various types of flowers can net you some good bank. 

Being able to take a simple garden project to the next level to shock and awe friends, family and most importantly your customers, will keep your schedule full. As a bonus, if you are able to learn how to do topiary and add it to your repertoire of abilities, you’ll expand your side gig into something special. 

People want to have beautiful pathways leading to their home or glorious garden landscapes to retreat to after a long day and they are willing to pay the experts to design it for them, so why not use your creativity and skills to make you some extra cash. 

Take Your Art to the Tee

If you have the creative ability to design artwork, you can transition it to make you money as a side gig. Starting up a T-shirt business as a side hustle can bring be profitable when executed properly. 

First off you’ll need to get a hold of a blank tee shirt wholesaler to help you keep costs low. Then the next step is entirely up to you. Finding the right equipment to fit your budget requires research and comparing products. After you’ve found what will work best for you, you can then focus on transitioning your artwork onto shirts for the world to see. 

Once you have the design and production part down, you’ll need to promote your products and offerings to the public. Be sure to promote yourself by wearing items you’ve created and have friends and family members do so as well. This way the word can get around. Lastly, use social media to your advantage and talk about your new adventures into the world of custom T-shirts. Being able to create wonderful designs and implement them onto shirts can be a cash cow waiting to happen. 

Writing for Money, It’s a Thing

Being creative doesn’t solely require you to be able to pick up a pencil or a paintbrush and create a stunning image. For hundreds of years, people have been making a living by writing. What to write exactly is up to you because there are options. 

First off you can start a blog about a topic you enjoy. Granted, blogging takes time and a long commitment, but it can be a fruitful endeavor in the right hands. Next, you can be a ghostwriter for online content such as blog posts or articles. There are people out there willing to pay you for your awesome content. You just have to find the right people to work for and ensure that they are willing to pay you for your time. 

If you’re really creative and can spin a wonderful tale children will enjoy, then why not write a children’s book. With technology today, you can self publish your book and get it posted on many different avenues for the public to view and possibly purchase. And if kiddie books aren’t your thing, try your hand at an adult novel. 

The fact is that, there is money to be had in writing and if you have the drive and are able to commit to it, it can bring in a nice chunk of change you can use to pay bills, knock down debt and buy yourself a little something nice. Don’t dismiss writing, it can be your road to financial freedom.