For the fifth year in a row, the ladies of the Howard University Volleyball Team win the Middle Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) championship title. ESPN aired the match as the Bison dominated the night in 5 sets.

The lady Bison are the only Division 1 Volleyball Team covered by ESPN University.

These lady bison are on fire… and have been for the past five seasons. Since 2015, the lady of the Howard University Volleyball team defeat their way to the competition to tear the title of Division I MEAC Champions.

Tonight, No.1 Howard defeated No. 2, Morgan State, 15-12 shares the Howard University Athletics Department.

Leading Lady Bison in tonight’s game include Jurnee Tipton, Kailyn Williams and Kira Porter. Morgan State’s leading players in tonight’s game include Zoe McBride, Tylar Roberson and Mykaela Ross.

Congratulations Bison!