Columnist Peyton Hamel argues for change following several reports of racism on college campuses, including Iowa State’s. Hamel calls for Iowa State students to stand up to racism to improve the quality of students’ lives.
Makayla Tendall/Iowa State Daily

CNN reports: a series of racist and anti-Semitic incidents have rattled college campuses nationwide as educators struggle to stop them from spreading.This week alone, at least five incidents have been reported on college campuses hundreds of miles apart from one another. Here’s a breakdown:

University of Georgia: Swastikas at residence halls

At the University of Georgia, student Ariana Dinberg said someone tore off her historically Jewish sorority’s letters from her residence hall door twice in September. At the time, she wasn’t sure it was someone targeting Jews.Later, someone wrote on the white board on her door, “All Heil” with a swastika underneath it. “They knew I was Jewish and then chose to attack me for it. It’s definitely shocking to me,” she said. The University of Georgia confirmed Thursday that someone drew swastikas on placards and message boards at two campus residence halls. It’s unclear who the second victim was. University President Jere W. Morehead said the behavior has no place on the campus. “I am appalled by such offensive and outrageous displays of hate,” Morehead said in a statement to the university community.

Iowa State: Swastika and racist stickers

In an email to students and faculty, the president of Iowa State University addressed the latest racist incidents reported on campus. A swastika was etched into a door of a dormitory community room and racist stickers and posters were found on light poles and bus stop signs, President Wendy Wintersteen wrote Wednesday. The email was signed by the president and Iowa State University Police Chief Michael Newton.”We want to again emphasize that we denounce racism, white supremacy, anti-Semitism and all bigoted rhetoric and actions,” the email says. “We are appalled that people continue to spread hate on our campus.” Just last month, students gathered at the president’s office to protest earlier racist incidents. They included a picture of the student government adviser in blackface and neo-Nazi writings on campus, according to the student newspaper.

Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen and Associate Vice President and Chief of Police Michael Newton wrote a letter to the students regarding the recent incident of racism on campus.

Syracuse: Racist graffiti targeting different groups

Syracuse students are camped out in a campus building to protest racist incidents. A spate of racist and anti-Semitic incidents, and what students describe as the university leadership’s slow response to it, have sparked protests on campus.Several cases of prejudiced graffiti have been found on or next to Syracuse’s campus to date. They include racist graffiti that uses language derogatory to African-Americans, a post-it note with anti-Native American language and graffiti with language derogatory to Asians, according to police.In addition, four students have been suspended. More on the story.