Colin Kaepernick might be a free agent, but he chose to complete a 40-minute workout. He did this in front of NFL representatives who came from 8 different teams. He’s stated that he is totally ready for a new opportunity and that he also wants the league to stop shunning him. He’s been ready to play for 3 years so far, but it would seem that he has also been denied for this amount of time as well. He has nothing to hide but he does want to stop people from running from the truth. His agent is ready to talk with any team he wants and he has also stated that he is also ready for an interview at any time as well.

Playing for the Fans

If you are a fan who is waiting for the next football game to start then why not check out NetBet casino UK to see what sporting games they have to offer? When you do, you will soon find that they have a great selection and they are also always adding new games too. Speaking of fans, Colin Kaepernick chose to salute 250 of his own fans and he even did a selection of autographs before he approached the media. The workout was moved from the Atlanta Falcon’s training facility to Riverdale. The change in venue disrupted the schedule of 25 teams as they were all scheduled to go and watch Colin Kaepernick at the original site. That being said, he still threw in front of the teams which included the Redskins, Lions, Titans and Eagles.

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Superbowl Talent

Colin Kaepernick was once a Superbowl talent. The problem? He protested against police brutality and he took a kneel during the National Anthem. He has since been out of the game. As a player he still has the ability to commit to deep throws and he has also got a level of pinpoint precision that just cannot be compared to anyone else in the league. Colin Kaepernick isn’t interested in doing anything else with his life and the only thing that he wants to do is play football. You can’t blame him for this at all and he has made every effort to make sure that he is able to perfect his ability.


On the day, Colin Kaepernick was able to complete all but 7 of his throws. He threw over 60 and it was a solid effort overall- especially when you look at the circumstances. The NFL originally scheduled the workout but then the camp for Colin Kaepernick decided that this wasn’t what they wanted. They had a disagreement over the liability and this did cause some issues. The NFL was given a chance to have the practice at the facility for the Falcons but this would only be done if the process could be filmed. Colin Kaepernick’s crew would only have an independent film crew but the other half didn’t want this.