College acceptance letters are being mailed to prospective students just in time for them to celebrate and share the exciting news with their families. Lil Mo’ is among the proud mothers who will be bidding her daughter, Heaven Love’on Stone, a temporary farewell next year as she sends her off to college.

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First of all, let us just applaud this young queen for choosing to pursue a college education. Especially when you live a life of glitz and glam, going to college can seem somewhat “unnecessary.”

Lil Mo’ excitedly announces the news via Instagram:


I’ve failed at ALOT of things. But 1 thing you can’t take from ME is that when it comes to MY CHILDREN, they will NOT LOSE nor FAIL!! We not taking no L’s on this side. Congrats to my 1st born HEAVEN, Being accepted into A&T. AGGIE PRIDE!! Major in psych.

-Lil Mo’ (Cynthia Karen Loving)

If she chooses to join the HBCU family, her eldest baby girl Heaven Love’On Stone is going to not only have a plethora of excellent learning opportunities, she’ll be front row to the Greatest Homecoming On Earth (GHOE), at North Carolina A&T State University.

We wonder if Lil Mo will perform at GHOE or any of the numerous concerts and events that happen at NCA&TSU. Pull. Up. Ma! Either way, we’ll be there!

Aggie Pride!