Newsone reporter Adrian Moore shares, The hate crime trial is underway for a University of Maryland student accused of the fatal stabbing of Bowie State University student Richard Collins III back in May 2017.

Sean Urbanski and Richard Collins III
Source: University of Maryland Police & Facebook / University of Maryland Police & Facebook

According to WJLA, Prince George’s County prosecutors are saying Sean Urbanski killed Collins, who was visiting UMD’s campus, because Urbanski was biased against Black people. Meanwhile, the defense seems to be playing the old white sympathy card, saying Urbanski was drunk and upset about his friends graduating a year ahead of him.

Prosecutors kicked off the trial Wednesday, telling jurors that Urbanski had “poisoned” his mind beginning in 2016 with offensive humor and racist imagery. They argued that when he saw newly commissioned Army 2nd Lt. Richard Collins with a white man and an Asian woman at a University of Maryland bus stop, he carried out a targeted, premeditated murder.

They directly said in court that Urbanski “killed Collins for no reason other than he was Black.” The evidence they cited included racist memes on his phone and his apparent Facebook membership to a racist White Supremacist group called “Alt-Reich: Nation.” Read more via Newsone.