Since its inception, Amazon has had brought many features to the Alexa platform, including various sounds for various accents and dialects. However, the latest addition to the collection would make Marvel fans quite happy. Alexa has finally brought the voice of Samuel L Jackson to the digital assistant platform. This means the digital assistant would be answering your questions in Jackson’s voice, provided that the responses for your questions have been covered. Of course, Jackson won’t be there to take care of your grocery list or the reminder list.

This choice does not come for free, though. The voice of Samuel L Jackson for Alexa is now available for an introductory price of $0.99 but the price would skyrocket to $4.99 when the Early Adoption period is over. In the early adoption period, Amazon would be analyzing the popularity and effectiveness of the new voice in a real-life environment. There is also an option to purchase the voice through Alexa interface, and a simple command “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L Jackson” would suffice. More importantly, users can purchase the family-friendly or the explicit version of the voice, as per the convenience and choice.

Alexa had introduced a number of voices in the past, but the one from Samuel L Jackson could be called the most comprehensive one. There are several commands for which the renowned actor has created his own responses. For instance, there will be a touch of Samuel L Jackson when you ask Alexa for weather updates or to remind you of something at a time. Once again, the family-friendly version of his voice may take away a lot of nuances. An actor known for Marvel series films, Samuel L Jackson has become a cultural icon, thanks to his plethora of movies.

Source: Global Marketing Analysis