In 1933, a Florida A&M University administrator, J.R.E.Lee Jr., who happened to be the son of the university’s president, J.R.E. Lee Sr., founded the Orange Blossom Classic (OBC) as the football team’s postseason invitational.

Each year for nearly 50 years, until 1979, the Rattlers of FAMU went head to head with their opponents. In the very first game, at a black-only ballpark in Jacksonville, FAMU defeated Howard University 9-0.

Over the years, OBC became a FAMU tradition, and the Rattlers played against various teams including Alabama A&M University), Tuskegee University, Howard University, and more.

This year, the Orange Blossom Classic returns with much anticipation, on September 6th at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. Albany State University has been invited to take on the Rattlers.

Who will win the resurgence game… Will it be the Rattlers of FAMU or the Golden Rams of Albany State walk away as the champion?

Either way, we all know sporting events in the HBCU community are about more than what happens on the field. There will be fun, parties, panels and more! Don’t miss the return of OBC, connecting One BIG Community.

Get your tickets today and be sure to visit the official website and check out the OBC social media for information and updates:

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