The video on Bernice King’s Twitter features her father Martin Luther King Jr. giving his incredible speech at Southern Methodist University on March 17, 1966. You can see remarkable photos of him throughout the short clip.

“We shall overcome,” she captioned the video, leaving space for her followers to respond, giving them an opportunity to be still, and trust the process. The tape from her official account is exactly what we need to hear right now amid the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Martin graduated from HBCU Morehouse College.

“Thanks for sharing your fathers words Bernice,” a Twitter user commented.

Amen and amen

American Baptist College President Kevin W. Cosby shared the video on his Twitter account, saying that Martin’s speech “infuses hope into the hearts of those in his day seeking justice,” and “let his voice infuse hope in your heart in our day.”

Today’s the perfect day to embrace the wise words of Martin, who insisted that “we shall overcome” at a time of racial tension between white and black people in the country.

There’s no better time than now to love one another and be of good cheer, knowing that there’s a purpose for all things, not to be afraid.

This too shall pass.