HBCU family, in these times of quarantine craziness amid the coronavirus outbreak, life stuck in the house with your siblings is like a dog that needs to get out more. But that’s only if you’re an extrovert. For introverts, this ain’t nothing new. Everyone still has their fair share of boredom though. In the words and voice of younger children, “I’m bored.” Sometimes even the kids with the darnedest things to say are right if we’re being completely honest. Where to begin? 

Here are four ideas for bored historically black students and alumni: 

1. Read a Book

The difference between spending five to seven hours or more watching TV all-day compared to reading is this: gazing at the television all day long is passive, you’re allowing it to happen to you and reading is the opposite; you begin to exercise the mind whenever you read a book, escaping to another world as you flip the pages. Books have been also linked to helping alleviate the symptoms of depression

2. Maximize Your Network 

Perhaps you’re a Marauder and you find yourself bored with nothing to do. Consider taking this time to maximize your network on social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook. Read my story called “Central State Grad’s Facebook Group Is A Place For Students, Alums To Find Job Opportunities — And More.” And start networking, building valuable relationships, finding friends, and making empowered connections today.

3. Invest in Yourself 

Spend time with your family and stay active, setting goals and learning new things. “Shark Tank” star and entrepreneur Daymond John said, “I’m educating myself on platforms, such as Zoom and TikTok” while working from home during the outbreak. He added that his plan is to increase engagement on his various social media platforms. We can add more value to a growing business as we reinvest in ourselves and foster personal growth. 

4. Set a Goal 

Of the time you spend playing video games, use at least half of that time setting a goal instead. John said, “You have this opportunity. Set those personal goals for yourself. I would write [my goals] down and read them every single night before I go to bed, every single morning when I woke up,” he told CNBC Make It. “I actually became the man that I thought I would be by the age of 30 by reading them.”


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