WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A nurse who graduated from Winston Salem State University is packing up her bags and preparing to move to New York. Kayla Cummins graduated in 2016 and recently worked in cosmetic nursing.

With nonessential medical procedures taking a back seat to the coronavirus, Cummins said she started looking for a way to put her hospital training to work.

Starting Monday, she’ll check in for work in the nation’s biggest hot spot for COVID-19.

She’ll work at hospitals in New York City for at least 10 weeks.

Cummins said she’s ready to step up. “The nurses in New York City and the hotspots… They can’t say they don’t want to. So, I feel like all of us that can, we need to go and support them… I’m a little nervous. Everyone asks me if I’m scared. I’m not scared, but I am nervous. I don’t know what to expect, she said.

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How I feel one minute about my decision and then how I feel the next 😩 . . . I have accepted a travel position in a New York Emergency Department . . It took me 72 hours to decide to reach out to a recruiter once I saw the crisis posts going around … I went back and forth on if any ED would even want a nurse that has been out of the hospital for 6 months as my last assignment ended in September. I had so many doubts on if this was a good decision or not, but the one thing I knew for sure was that I couldn’t sit on my butt at home while my comfy medspa was shut down and not help … so I applied . . I received an offer, signed my contract, and have started to sort through all of my feelings about heading into the worst place to be in the country right now. I am not afraid, but I am anxious. I’m not sure what life will look like for the next little bit, but I 100% believe that God is telling me to go. He prepared it TOO perfectly. I have been licensed in NY since last year as my current job wanted me ready to go for them … but I never went. I know now the purpose of having this license that I have yet to use. . . I’m hesitant to even announce this right now before I am actually up there as things are changing daily with their hospitals and staffing needs, but I am posting this to say that I am BEGGING for masks. I know everyone is running low, but I have heard horrors of the nurses in NY not having ANY N95s. If you are able to give me any at all so that I can protect myself as best as possible I wear a small and will pay to have them shipped to me. . . Please feel free to share my plea for masks. I promise that no matter what they will get to the nurses that need them! . I thank you in advance for your prayers and I also thank you for refraining from attempting to change my mind about this. 💕 #ernurse #covıd19 #newyork #emergencymedicine

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Cummins also said her friends, family, and “Ramily” have been supportive. They’re even helping her collect face masks before she leaves for New York. Article originally shared to WXII.