Just a couple of short decades ago, getting started as a creative in the entertainment world was a prohibitively expensive pursuit. Today, with the reductions in cost which are born from mobile tech, barriers to entry are lower than ever. By looking at the causes of cost reductions, as well as a couple of standout examples, we want to briefly explore how much this world has grown, and what the contemporary environment can offer.

Direct and Indirect Expansion

The biggest contributor to the size the market has grown to is not bound to just one or two individual elements, but rather the million separate facets of the mobile industry. Working together, each of these facets grew mobile potential in some way, the collective progress of which gave modern devices the ubiquity and flexibility they now enjoy.

The most basic of these contributions come from the base appeal of mobile communication technology. Working from this point, the combination and replacements of other hardware items such as music players like Discmans and dedicated MP3 devices became key.

Perhaps most influential, however, were the developments brought on by demands from the software. Take the current state of the online casino industry for example. In the early days of mobile internet, games from these services drew heavy interest, pushing for better hardware to accomplish what players wanted. This didn’t just pay off for the likes of modern online slot games like Stampede and Reel Rush, but rather aided in stronger hardware which could be leveraged for an enormous range of uses in many different disciplines.

Owing to the legacy of systems like these, the modern mobile app market is one with seemingly limitless potential. Extending to social media and media creation tools, newer systems offer immense flexibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Combine these tools with the potential of social media, and it was inevitable that a massive shift in the media landscape would eventually occur.

Making Waves

A breakout in the age of social media, the Weeknd saw enormous success through his adventures in the social media space. Operating under the name ‘xoxxxoooxo’, Weeknd’s first three songs went on to draw enormous attention and signal boosting from, among other famous names, Drake. With around 70% of YouTube use coming from mobile devices, the connections here were undeniably important.

Climbing the Vine

Another star owing no small amount of their popularity to the internet is King Bach. Finding his legs as what would become the most popular name on Vine, with 11.3 million followers, Bach would eventually leverage his Vine media career into more established acting jobs. Today, Bach finds himself as a professional actor with roles in such hit shows as Black Jesus, House of Lies, and The Walking Dead.

The result of the developing mobile technological environment is that major media success is no longer as much of a matter of luck. If you live far away from entertainment centers, if you don’t have the money for professional equipment, or if you lack the connections, these issues will no longer make or break you. Success directly and indirectly through what mobile media allows means that now everybody can get their voice out there, to see what they can really do.