What does it mean to be an educated Black man? The more I analyze and rattle this compelling question regarding my ethnicity around in my head, I get goosebumps; excitement pumps and flows anxiously through my veins! I strongly believe that the voice of every Black man in the universe, young or old, matters if he/we take the initiative to speak up and express our truth when the opportunity is given.  The ability to freely vocalize or write your own thoughts with no penalty regarding your own race put me and my African American male peers in a position to nourish one’s self and others. 

This is bigger than me! Speaking from a perspective of a young Black male in today’s society, and relying on my beliefs and experiences of “what it takes to be an educated Black man,” I defiantly allude to answering that question if you can bear with me just a little bit longer. To anyone reading this essay, I unapologetically address this essay from a stance that will not be of the norm.  My position and argument will not elaborate on the fact that if a Black male, regardless of the age range or grade level, succeeding in the educational system and staying on top of his priorities defines him as an educated Black man. In my opinion that is something that must be an inherent and mandatory goal to be accomplished to have acknowledgement in the world, which is why that does not hold credibility to be used in this moment. The education system was designed in a way that too often prohibits Black males from succeeding, even at a gradual rate. To my reader, this is a preface to you in understanding my three reasons that will passionately focus this essay. A Black man must become knowledgeable about three key life components, that were instilled in me throughout my youth from older wiser men.  I’ve taken the initiative to apply these into my own life.  Incorporating the components, any Black man truly will groom himself and develop into an “educated man.” To the reader, if anything here stirs or moves in your spirit and mind, please pass this essay on to whoever may need to hear this. Thank you for patiently waiting.  If you have made it this far with me, here are my three reasons. 

Firstly, at some point in one’s progression in life as a man, it is very important to become knowledgeable and understand that you have an obligation as a man to love your wife/partner/girlfriend unconditionally, through thick and thin, and blessed with having kids, then nurture them to their fullest potential. Secondly, regardless of how Black man are being portrayed and perceived in the news and media, being negatively stereotyped as purposeless men compared to other minorities, generation after generation, it is crucial you come to an understanding in your heart that no man has an advantage over you (mentally, intellectually, physically). Thirdly, you must take the initiative to know the truth about your history, not what society tells you. How can you feel educated when you don’t know where you came from and what your ancestors accomplished? 

Consciously and subconsciously engage with me, from you to me/me to you, as I seek to touch more deeply into the reasoning I bring forth. To expand on these components collectively, there are so many countless young and older African American males walking around clueless in today’s world not knowing the importance of truly loving their significant other unconditionally. A man should understand that if he has a broken home, he can never truly be successful in life, even if he is wealthy. There will be an imbalance in his life that will not be fixed until his significant other emotionally feels that man would literally give them the world. The younger generation of Black males also need to understand that by mistreating your girlfriend, eventually you will end up later in life mistreating your wife or maybe your pregnant girlfriend. This unhealthy cycle must be stopped. Those who are blessed with children must be around for every second and vital moment in their child’s progression in life, developing them in a way that society cannot alter what fathers have installed into them, in no shape or form. By doing this you develop your son into a real man, going through life carrying himself as a man should, knowing the true right and wrongs to be able to teach someone younger. You develop your daughter into a woman; I mean a real woman! A woman that can understand that no man on this earth can manipulate her or even dare attempt to take advantage of her. Educate yourself to fully comprehend if these are not your main properties, expeditiously make it your priorities! Not doing so you will never be mentally nor spiritually happy in your own circle of life.   

An educated Black man does not allow history nor current news to alter his thoughts to have a negative perception of himself, knowing that no man of any color has an advantage over you. I get it; I really do.  The chances of you succeeding is 10x harder because you were born and raised into an impoverished environment, and most African American males undoubtedly go down the wrong path so there are no role models, but so what? Become a role model! A real man does not make excuses! Use that anxiety and anger to make something positive out of it. If you stay on your path that was set out for you to walk on throughout life and fulfill your purpose in the universe, then you will succeed-regardless of an obstacle roadblocking you temporarily or any stereotypes put upon you. Recognize your worth, know the difference between some people not being genuine because of the color of your skin, and some people intentionally trying to crumble you because they understand how effective a successful, educated, potent Black man can have on the world.  

There is a reason why I saved knowing your truth heritage for last, it’s the icing on the cake that gives the finishing emphasis to defining an educated Black man. Do you remember that excitement I had in the beginning of the essay? Oh, yea! It’s back. Picture this for me:  imagine having the power to constantly remind a race that their ancestors were nothing, brainless slaves; day after day, knowing deep down that such condescending language is far from the truth, and watching generation after generation fall victim to that psychological trap. Makes you think doesn’t it? Now what do you think happens when an African American brother becomes knowledgeable about the truth of himself and his race? Here comes the development of the Martin Luther Kings, the Malcom x’s, the Louis Farrakhan’s, the Dick Gregory’s and the like. A man who allows another man to inform him about his race, without seeking the truth even though he has the free will to do so, is a WEAK MAN. Learn that being Black is a blessing for yourself, and that your ancestors created resources that benefit society today, even before Europeans. When you truly learn that, not only do you envision self-image life differently, now no man can crumble or even crush you mentally, spiritually, or physically with words.   

In conclusion, before I wrap everything up, I want to thank you reader, yeah, I am referring to you! You did not stop reading despite me addressing this essay from my world view perspective. Win or lose, hopefully I touched your heart and enlightened your mind in a way that has never been touched before, or at least thinking more comprehensively. I appreciate you. Do you recall me stating in the beginning, that an essay far as this one puts me and my African American peers in a position to nourish others? To elaborate:  to my fellow African American brothers, I want you to understand that although this is very a friendly competition regarding thoughts and wits, perhaps at the end of this we can come together as a collective group, combing our ideas and information to enlighten others who are like us, moving forward, empowering ourselves and even more those close to us, particularly our significant others and off-spring.   Yes, an educated Black man is one who understands to love his wife/girlfriend unconditionally,  as well as nurturing his kids to their fullest potential, not letting history or the news media determine the outcome of his/our life, and lastly truly learns his/our rich and relevant heritage. Thank you. 

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I deeply care for Black children that come from impoverished environments. As a young black male I have always rationalized with my trials and tribulations because I knew everything I have endured was the aftermath of 400 years of slavery. I didn’t allow the pain to overcome me, but many of my peers have. I saw the psychological effect on people my age, who dad's or mom's wasn't in their life. Me personally, I witnessed what happens when an environment has nothing to offer, so the best option is to indulge into negative activity. It’s so much misguidance, lack of love, hatred in the black communities. I always have been a people’s person; consistently a person that comfortably allowed others to open up to me, young and old, and I continuously see the good in people that most can’t find in themselves. For one, I inherit leadership qualities, great ideas, very observant, eager to learn, and determined to fulfill anything I put my mind to 200 percent. Those skills have got me through 21 years of life.”