Bank$hot HBCU Classic is unlike any court you’ve ever stepped foot on.

Who said COVID-19 had to stop you from balling out? If you think you’ve got what it takes, Bank$hot is calling out HBCU ballers to show off your best basketball shots. You just might come out with some cold hard cash. 

When COVID-19 shut down all contact sports, the Bank$hot team quickly stepped. They got creative and started the virtual Bank$hot $20,000 HBCU Classic, a live competition combining basketball with e-Sports. HBCU students can show off their skills from the comfort of home or their nearest park. $10,000 will go to the student with the best shots, and $10,000 will go to their school’s SGA.

“We are extremely excited about our newest phase of Bank$hot Basketball,” said their Director of Operations, Russell Morgan. “Bank$hot has always been forward-thinking when it comes to creating innovative outlets for athletes. This is a natural extension of our brand.”

The Classic will be a H.O.R.S.E. style competition. If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty simple. Once Bank$hot picks an athlete to go first, they will make a shot that the next person has to recreate. If that second athlete misses, they get an H. They go around in circles making different shots throughout the course of the game. Whoever makes it to the “E” in H.O.R.S.E. first, meaning they missed 5 shots, is out!

The Classic is free to register, and the rules are pretty simple. Players must be a legal U.S. resident, go to an HBCU, and not be under any sports contract. Unfortunately, the competition can’t accept NCAA players or those planning to become one within the next 12 months due to contract issues. To apply, fill out the registration form and send in a video of how good you are on the court. Once you’re accepted, all you need is a smartphone, good wifi, the Zoom app, and a ball ready to go!

Registration begins Friday September 4th, so sign up ASAP! The first game will be on October 2, 2020, and will conclude a month later on October 30 with the $20,000 game! 

To really shake things up, 100 HBCUs are eligible, and it’s broken down based on the state your school is in. Students are separated into 4 groups of HBCUs and will compete bracket-style. Group A kicks off Week 1, Group B plays Week 2, and so on. Look below to see which group your college gets your into:

  • Group A: Arkansas, the US Virgin Islands, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Mississippi and Missouri
  • Group B: Delaware, D.C., Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Louisiana
  • Group C: Alabama, Georgia, and Maryland
  • Group D: North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas

Bank$hot led a similar competition in June called the “Juneteenth Classic.” Now, with this Classic they’ve upgraded the competition so that fans can participate and text in their vote for the final 16 schools. 

Director of Digital Media, Promise Mangum explained, “This is a perfect way for people to learn about smaller HBCUs and see what they have to offer in a unique format.” We can’t wait to see who’s really got game.

Learn more and register for the Classic by clicking here