The soulful R&B singer Frankie Beverly of MAZE, has endorsed the democratic nominee, Joe Biden for President of the United States and Kamala Harris for Vice President of the United States.

On National Black Voter Day — Frankie Beverly is going on record to say that he is endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. He simply says, “we need leaders that do not use deception to divide this country.” Joe Biden is a man of integrity, commitment and responsibility. Right now, we don’t have that in the White House. It’s time to get it back. We need leaders with moral fiber, that’s Biden and Harris! The foundation of anything is trust. Trust is a must. I trust  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! 

Joe has proven his loyalty to this country time and time again. Not to mention the fact that we both were born in Pennsylvania, him in Scranton and me in Philadelphia. How can you not trust him? 

Our country has been divided because there is an administration right now that feeds the people fear, doubt, ignorance and disobedience. When people continue to listen  to lies day in and day out, and don’t know what to believe, they lose hope. 

In Joe Biden, we have a leader that gives us hope because he understands that together we are one. We cannot have equality if we don’t stand up for the rights of every culture, every ethnicity, and everything in this country. It takes courage and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the ones to lead us out of the crucial state this country is in. 

“We Are One” 

Frankie Beverly