NFL Online Betting Tips: Fantasy Football Picks

If you’re into sports that need strength, speed, and agility, you probably would be a football fan. By football, I mean American football that is rough, thrilling, and teeth clenching. Football is a contact group sport that has dominated America for nearly a century now. The said sport has also become one of the biggest and most valuable franchises in the entire sport’s history.

However, today, as the global pandemic continues to spread worldwide, our regular activities, and even the sports that we anticipated, were postponed. Popular sports like basketball and FIFA have rescheduled the entire season to ensure every person’s health. But unlike other sports, the National Football League was barely affected since it usually starts in September.

However, the organization will not allow any live audience inside the stadium to prevent the spread of the virus. With that, fans are encouraged to watch the game on TV or the internet. You can always cheer for your favorite team, wherever and whenever. And there are other ways to participate in these games, like online NFL betting. But how can you win a bet?

Running Back

Loading up an elite Running Back is hugely significant in NFL wagering. This player position contributes the largest points during matchups according to Fanduel’s current prop bets, so spending more salary on this one is a must. However, stay alert because they are always in high demand. Be prepared by keeping a list of alternatives. Moreover, if you miss out on the super studs, you can always wait until the 5th draft. 

Experts would suggest picking NFL veterans like Kerryon Johnson, Mark Ingram, and Darwin Thompson. However, don’t forget to consider the rising stars of the NFL. Remember that these RB rookies can also change up the game’s course, as they also have the potential and skill in the field. So, you also might want to consider JK Dobbins, Jonathan Taylor, and D’Andre Swift. 

Wide Receiver

Besides the Running Back, wide receivers also contribute the highest points during matchups. So, it is crucial to load up a top stud or an elite RB and WR in your lineup. They might be costly in terms of salary, but it will significantly improve your odds in NFL DFS. If you want stability during contests, you can always choose high demand veterans players.

TY. Hilton and Robert Woods are the most dependable WR this season, especially if you want a safe play. But you can also choose 2nd tiers wide receivers like Julio Jones and Michael Thomas. 

Remember, young NFL players can be great players on the field but don’t rely on them too much, especially early in the season. Always start strong to solidify your lineup during matchups.


There is no scarcity when choosing quality quarterbacks. Since you’ll only play against them once or twice per season, chances are you’ll do well without elite QBs during matchups. If you don’t nab the top studs for this position, you can always choose from a high-upside backup. Reminder, don’t always count on the yardage or touchdowns by pocket QBs. 

Top picks for QBs are Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Dak Prescott, based on their performance last season. You might also want to consider Kyle Murray, Russell Wilson, and Josh Allen as QBs in your lineup. However, the season has just started, so we might see the rising stars you might want to add to your lineup. 

Tight End

The tight ends usually contribute the lowest score during matchups, so you shouldn’t spend a massive salary for this position. Instead, reallocate it for an elite RB or WR. Go straight for the high-upside backups when choosing a TE. They’re most likely drafted during matchups. Don’t rely too much on red-zone targets and the infrequent touchdowns.

Mark Andrews ranks the highest in TE rankings because of his performance last season of 4 TDs and 64 receptions. You also might want to consider Jared Cook and Noah Fant as big-play TEs. However, if you want consistency and stability, go for Zach Ertz and Darren Waller.

Defense/ Special Team

When choosing a defense or a special team for your lineup, there are no strategic secrets here, as you can immediately assess which teams have the best defense. Always draft a D/ST based on their performance in the last matchup. Top Tier D/ST are the 49ers, Steelers, Bears, Patriots, and Ravens. However, don’t entirely rely on the D/ST for TDs and turnovers. 


The NFL Season has just begun, but NFL online bettors are already geared up for the entire season. If you don’t want to be left behind, start drafting your main and alternative lineups now. These sets of players can improve your chances of winning matchups, but your win is not guaranteed. It’s time to update yourself on the recent sports news and games about the NFL.