The need for sanitized surfaces can’t possibly be overstated amid a pandemic. Now, Alabama State University is taking an unprecedented step to keep its campus healthy. ASU was recently chosen as the inaugural site to implement Draganfly’s high-tech Varigard Drone-Applied COVID-19 Sanitizer.

Alabama State University President Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr. announced at a news conference in mid-December that the school would be using drone technology on campus to combat COVID-19. 

Draganfly, Inc., has patented the drone technology which will spray Varigard, a patented bio-based organic sanitizer. In fact, Draganfly has been named Varigard’s “exclusive flight services provider” to disseminate the pathogen and virus spray. Although they are organic, both Varigard’s surface spray and hand sanitizing gel are strong enough to kill the COVID-19 virus, staphylococcal (staph) bacteria, and E. coli pathogens. They work by sequestering the pathogens for a period of time that is long enough to prevent them from spreading.

Alabama State University staff watch a Dragonfly drone, courtesy of ASU

Following the news conference, Draganfly staged a high-tech demonstration of the drone spraying down the school’s stadium and other surfaces. Moving forward, large areas such as the ASU stadium and Dunn-Oliver Acadome will be able to get sanitized quickly and thoroughly with the drones.

“We are the first University in the country to use this cutting-edge technology,” Dr. Ross said. “Because of our overall safety protocols, which includes sentinel testing, we have been able to keep COVID-19 cases to around two percent of our entire campus population. Draganfly’s technology is a part of our being able to keep those numbers down. Today, we continue our partnership with Draganfly by using its Varigard product. We are excited about this new sanitizer and its innovative delivery method.” 

The Alabama State University Stadium, courtesy of Yellowhammer News

The University began its partnership with Draganfly earlier this year with the installation of the company’s Smart Vital Technology and social distancing units.  The technology kept faculty, students and staff safe by providing a quick and contactless measurement of elevated body temperatures. With further consent, the technology could also check the person’s heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation level.

Cameron Chell, the CEO of Draganfly, is proud to be bringing the ground-breaking technology to the Alabama State University campus.

“Alabama State University has been a true partner, utilizing our Smart Vital and social distancing units,” said Chell. “We are thrilled to continue working with Dr. Ross and his team’s amazing vision and leadership in keeping this campus safe by implementing safety protocols, including Draganfly’s Varigard spraying program.”