College isn’t for everybody. Doctur Dot and Olu aka Johnny Venus, who both make up the rap group EARTHGANG recently shared why in an interview on The Breakfast Club morning radio show. The members of the Atlanta-based rap group met at Hampton University, but were never able to walk the stage in a story that is going viral.

DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club was initially excited to hear that both the artists attended college. “Wow y’all both went to Hampton,” asked he asked. He thought he was about to get an uplifting college-educated entertainer story. He was wrong.

EARTHGANG artists Doctur Dot (left) and Olu aka Johnny Venus (right). Credit: Hit Up Ange

“What were your majors in school,” Envy asked.

“I was a psych major but also, I mean, we don’t have to stay on Hampton too long ‘cause they did kick me out,” said Doctur Dot. “They really don’t deserve this,” he said of potential publicity.

As the studio erupted with sudden laughs at the unexpectedness of the story, The Breakfast Club members had to ask for clarity.

“They kicked you out,” asked DJ Envy for clarification.

“Yes, and I’m banned for life,” confirmed Dot.

“We ain’t been back,” said Johnny Venus. 

“We’re here for the long story,” said Charlamagne Tha God.  

Even DJ Envy shared that he had a similar story. But Doctur Dot knew we needed a breakdown, so he told his story.

“Long story short me and the homies did some felonious crimes, and they wasn’t rocking with it at the school. It was grand larceny.”

“Literally the week before graduation, you know what I’m saying. The weekend before graduation,” said Venus.

“It was a little longer than that ‘cause I thought I got away with it,” Doctur Dot tagged in. “It was long enough to feel like ‘these n**** ain’t get me Then like a week before was when they came down to Hampton.”

“I feel like there’s a lesson here though,” said Charlamange. “Did you steal something that somehow fulfilled your purpose?”

“For sure bruh, cause that’s stealing that s*** is what like started our whole Spillage Village…” saidM Dot referring to a musical collective of Atlanta artists including rapper J.I.D.

“After we got kicked out of Hampton, we started living together cause our parents put us out we was all disgraced and s*** I guess we gon’ live together and start rapping know what I’m saying, and that s*** worked out.”

Let me get the president on the phone we’re gonna make this better man, laughed Envy.

EARTHGANG has gone on to join Dreamville, the label of Grammy-winner J. Cole.