“They do things right around here,” shared Norfolk State University President Javaune Adams-Gaston. She is just the latest great HBCU president to be interviewed in our President’s Corner series by HBCU Buzz Founder and CEO Luke Lawal Jr. We discovered President Adams-Gaston has a fierce but relaxed style, and loves her work at NSU. Tap into the conversation to learn things you may never have known about her, like her family history with HBCUs, her take on COVID-19, how she truly feels about the MacKenzie Scott donation to her university, and an NSU moment she’ll truly never forget!

President Adams-Gaston comes from a line of people who appreciate an HBCU education. She has a sister who is a Howard University faculty member, a son that attends Morehouse College, and an aunt that is a graduate of NSU. In fact, she shared “since I’ve been here I’ve found many family members who are graduates of Norfolk State University!”

When asked what makes her happy, she discussed her personal growth tied into the success of Norfolk students.

“First and foremost is every day I start my day with prayer meditation, and that really centers me. And so all the things that might give me anxiety or might make me concerned or worried sort of get damped down because I really begin  to think about ‘what is the journey and what’s most important’ of course for me in this journey I’m here because I think we have an opportunity and a way to help our young African-American students and any students who want to participate in this environment to soar. And so really, I’m really laser-focused on our students and their success, and utilizing the incredible skills of our faculty, our administrators, and our staff to get us there.”

Credit: President’s Corner

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