Allen University just signed a partnership with a local school district that will enrich students with college-level preparedness, mentorship, and more! Find out more in the release below!

Dr. Ernest McNealey, President and CEO, Allen University and Dr. Laura Hickson, Superintendent Florence School District 3 signing MOUs.

Allen University and Florence School District Three announce an academic support and community impact partnership. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) aims to increase accessibility to college-level arts and science programming, provide professional mentorship, and engaging enrichment and acceleration programming for students district-wide.

“Florence School District Three has a rich history. Home to the likes of Ronald E. McNair, Florence School District Three exemplifies the talent that lies in our state. The district is dedicated to ensuring all students are college and career-ready and are productive members of society. At Allen University, where we “Teach the Mind to Think, the Hands to Work, and the Heart to Love,” students from Florence School District Three can thrive,” explained Allen University President and CEO Dr. Ernest McNealey. “Providing an increase in accessibility continues our commitment to meeting students where they are and remaining dedicated to the communities we serve.”

The new partnership seeks to increase accessibility to exposure of college-level and professional opportunities to Florence area students. The document outlines areas of cooperation between Allen University and Florence School District Three in developing and delivering programming, access, and exposure to college and professional opportunities that can positively impact the Florence area students.

Dr. Ernest McNealey, President and CEO, Allen University and Dr. Laura Hickson, Superintendent Florence School District 3 pose with signed MOUs.

“We are excited to partner with Allen University to provide our students with another layer of support as well as the opportunity for additional education experiences,” Dr. Laura Hickson, Florence School District Three, Superintendent, explained. “With the rigor of college-level programming as well as the mentorship and enrichment available through this partnership, we can provide our students a more seamless transition from high school to college or the workforce. We thank Allen University for their commitment to this partnership and Florence School District Three students.”

Highlights of the MOU signed June 17, 2021, include:

Allen University will provide

  • subject matter speakers and presenters for designated occasions and programs at schools in Florence 3,
  • remote mentoring and scheduled onsite mentoring,
  • student access to Saturday Art and Science programs,
  • readers and leaders for enrichment, mentorship, and acceleration programs for schools across the district,
  • support for programs and initiatives in Florence 3 reflective of the universal obligation of citizenship and pursuit of the Greater Good.