Recently, singing legend Toni Braxton shared some news that was both surprising and exciting: her son Diezel is headed to Howard University! Learn more about his journey to HU in the article below by Victoria Uwumarogie at Essence!


We were well aware of the fact that Toni Braxton‘s sons, Diezel and Denim, weren’t the little boys we remembered them as from their days moving about with her as she did press and from Braxton Family Values. Nevertheless, we can’t help but feel a tad bit long in the tooth now that her youngest son has graduated from high school.

The singing legend shared a photo of Diezel, 18, on graduation day as she gave him a peck on the cheek with big brother Denim, 19, present. The caption read, “Congratulations @diezel.braxton! Mom is so proud of you. 💜 Howard University here he comes!”

Diezel’s success is especially heartwarming when one remembers that Toni spoke publicly on a number of occasions about him being diagnosed as autistic as a very young child.

In 2011 she told OK! that she used to blame herself for his diagnosis. 

“It’s been rewarding to see how he’s grown, but I remember when I first found out. I remember blaming myself; I thought it was my fault,” she said. “I wish I knew what triggered it. Still, often, as a mom, I blame myself. I didn’t take my vitamins every day … maybe it was the medications I was on before I got pregnant.”

She added, “They haven’t figured out what triggers it, but whatever it is, I don’t care, find a cure. Help my kid; help all the other kids.”


A few years later, she believed that he had been cured of the condition and said in 2016 that he was no longer showing symptoms of it and that “I am one of the lucky parents. Early diagnosis changes everything.”

Since then, Diezel has been thriving,signing to Wilhemina as a model in 2018 and now graduating from high school and preparing for adult life as a Bison at Howard.

And while he preps for college, sounds like Toni will have to get ready for life as an empty nester. Seriously, though. Where did the time go? 

While we figure that out, check out a gallery of the boys from over the years and feel as old about it all as we do.