Stillman College has joined the ranks of other HBCUs that are forgiving the debts of students to their elation. So far, Saint Augustine’s University, and Wilberforce University and a few others have also done something similar for their students. Why, and how much funds Stillman will provide to students in the article by Kelvin Reynolds at local station WBRC below!

Stillman College(WBRC)

Tuscaloosa’s Stillman College will use money from the Cares Act to help its own students. Now hundreds of them have less of a financial burden. 

Stillman College President Cynthia Warrick approved giving a portion of its Cares Act money from the federal government for coronavirus relief to help students to pay off student debt. 

“It’s going to give so many students a fresh start and a new lease on their education and financial future. With so much going on about student debt, student debt is climbing across the country. This provides our students with a unique opportunity to continue their education while they minimize the debt to pay for that education,” Dr. Tyshawn Gardner, Vice President for Student Affairs at Stillman College, said.

He says the school put $760,000 towards that effort. Stillman gave that money to students who had balances to pay off tuition and housing debt. Several hundred students enrolled in the Spring and Fall of 2020 and Spring or 2021 were helped.

“It allows the number one to return to school to continue their education unimpeded by financial constraints. It also allows enrollment numbers to continue to climb and hopefully will lead to a vey prosperous and successful Fall,” said Gardner.

Stillman College now joins a growing list of Historically Black Colleges and Universities that have helped pay off at least a portion of student debt.

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