Faculty in divisions like cosmetology, barbering, and HVAC specializations have been brought on to Coahoma Community College’s staff for this fall’s lessons! Learn more about the people behind these new additions in the CCC official release below.

The administration building at Coahoma Community College. (Credit: CXGBS)

During the 2021 Fall Pre-school Conference, newly hired staff and faculty stood to be recognized as newcomers to the Tiger Family. CCC employees promoted to lead roles also received rounds of applause.

Coahoma Community College warmly welcomes Career and Technical Education faculty—James Hall, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning); Carlos Pelaez, Carpentry; Remonica Hightower, Barbering; and Terrilyn Malone, Cosmetology. Nancy Howard has been promoted to Lead Cosmetology Instructor and Reginald Thomas, Lead Barbering Instructor.

Providing updates on the Division of Health Sciences, Chief of Staff Jerone Shaw announced the addition of Practical Nursing instructor Ricardo Buckner and Annie Hankins’ transfer to the role of Lead Practical Nursing Instructor. Succeeding recent retiree Beverly Overton, Dr. Chequitia Dixon, who previously led the Practical Nursing program, now serves as the Dean of Health Sciences.

In the Division of Academic Affairs, Eddie Buggs was recently named band director of the Marching Maroon Typhoon Band; Melissa Faulkner, English instructor; Amquita Taylor, Academic Counselor; Sharday Smith, Admissions Clerk; and Cherry Lockett, Student Success Coach. Having built 15 years of service at Coahoma Community College, Cynthia Williams-Roberson takes the lead as department chair. Science instructor Dr. Stacy Jones will now chair the Science and Math department.

The Office of Research, Assessment, and Strategic Initiatives adds to its team Monica Johnson, Instructional Design specialist, and Tuana Hawkins, Administrative Specialist.

Coahoma Athletics has excitedly brought on Justin Lucas, Linebacker Coach; Jaquez Johnson, Quarterback Coach; Jaquay Walls, Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach; Garrett Short, Assistant Baseball Coach; and Dell Cannon, Head Coach of Men’s Basketball.

The Division of Student Engagement gave an ovation for dorm manager Dian Thomas, now the Director of Housing.

Faculty member Nancy Howard aims to remain committed to excellence during the upcoming 2021-2022 school term as Lead Cosmetology Instructor.

“I’ve always been a passion-driven individual. I firmly believe that if you allow your passion to motivate you, it will change your mindset, it will open your eyes to new possibilities, it will enable you to encourage others in ways that you wouldn’t believe, and that’s what I will do here in the Cosmetology Department at Coahoma Community College,” she detailed.

“I plan to change lives and encourage students not to become complacent with just being a creation but rather seek to be a creator, not dream about success, but put it on paper and make it happen. With 26 years of experience in the beauty industry, I’m still hungry for more, and I’m not giving up. The Cosmetology Department at CCC will always be dedicated to consistently providing students with a quality education that will lead to a promising career in the field of Cosmetology. We know what it takes, and we are willing to give our students twice as much.”

Academic Counselor Amquita Taylor, the newest member of the Academic Affairs staff, is mentally poised for the critical work of ensuring students’ ambition toward four-year college study.

“I’ve always wanted to help others out in furthering their education and careers,” said Taylor.

Of her new role at CCC, Taylor shares, “This also coincides with my past position as a counselor where I just helped them locate resources and give them an extra push about making a better decision. So, I’m just excited about joining the team.”