There are so many former HBCU students who have the potential for success, but just need a little support to make it the rest of the way. As a solution, Morehouse College recently created a program to help those who never finished their bachelor’s degree finally cross the finish line— online! 

With the new Morehouse Online program, Morehouse is empowering Black men across the nation to embark on the path to finishing their degrees and unlock the extensive Morehouse network and reach their full potential. The online customizable program has two degree options available now, with more to come!

B.A. in Business Administration 

Morehouse is offering a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a management concentration. The program will lay the foundation for a strong understanding of business, help you creatively problem-solve, manage teams and projects, build ethical leadership skills, and be innovative.

B.S. in Computer Science

Morehouse is offering the keys to unlock the high-demand field of technology with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Gain marketable skills in areas such as computer systems, programming languages, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and databases. 

On top of these, even more degree programs are on the way!

Key benefits of the online program include face-to-face classes through Zoom, an immersive online platform, Interactive and collaborative coursework, and dedicated support from advisors and mentors. If you are a transfer student or adult learner who is motivated to complete their college degrees and join a legacy of distinguished Morehouse Men, request more information today! 26 previous college degree credits must be approved. As an online student, you will be immersed in a community designed to make your voice heard and gain a life-changing academic experience right on your laptop or mobile device. 

Applications are now open, and we encourage you to apply to the January 2022 Cohort! The early priority deadline is September 29th, while the priority deadline is October 27th. Click here for more information.