From what to wear, where to eat, and what to pack, Xfinity has you covered.

Those who have experienced an HBCU homecoming understand the assignment. Students, alumni, and family of an Historically Black College and University gather to partake in the excitement of celebrating the heritage and culture of the school.  It’s a time of joy, honoring traditions, and for some, reflecting on the good ol’ days. Homecoming weekends are spent eating well, laughing plenty, and enjoying the sights; and there is plenty to see! (Spoiler alert: Sleep is not on the syllabus.)

There’s no such thing as doing too much for homecoming. People order outfits months in advance and have items custom made & tailored; it’s a time to show up and show out, whether you are planning to attend or be there in spirit.* For those who will be present,  you never know who you might bump into at the tailgate – from famous alumni to journalists or photographers. Students have actually launched full modeling careers during homecoming weekend. 

*Due to a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, select HBCU homecoming sanctioned events have been rescheduled or are TBD.

It’s Called Fashion, Honey

HBCU college students are known for dressing well just to go to class, so of course homecoming weekend is a high-profile event! The yard becomes a personal runway and everyone on campus has a front-row seat to the hottest show in town— they’re looking to be impressed. Attendees have a major task; prepping outfits for the yard, tailgating, the game, and parties. Here are our three favorite style categories: 

The Effortless O.G.

For those traveling to their college towns, overpacking is inevitable (we don’t blame you). Yes, bring extra outfits and let your mood guide your choice. We suggest seeking out boutique items online or handmade pieces from your hometown so there’s no doubt that you’ll stand out. Avoid showing up in the same outfit—fresh off a mannequin—from everyone’s go-to stores.

Comfort Queen

So a 3-piece suit with a bow tie, high socks and hard dress shoes doesn’t exactly scream cozy. It’s okay to switch up your homecoming attire to something more comfortable, because even in the GOAT outfit, limping around in painful heels and tugging at a rising skirt all night is simply not appealing. We suggest a dress rehearsal! Take a lap around the house in whatever you plan to dance, eat, or drink in for hours on end – Are those leggings see-thru? Can you dance how you want to?   Remember, comfort can always be made cute!

Classy & Confident

Have you picked up a few quarantine pounds? You could join the club, but we’re pretty full. So consider your evolving body when preparing for the big weekend. Aim for garments that meet you where you are, complimenting new curves and all of your fabulousness. This weekend is about you doing you, so do it well, and take those selfies! But most importantly—have fun, confidence really is the key!