Basketball coach “Coach K,” also known as Kevin Herod has grown to become Talladega College‘s most winning coach, and he can’t wait to get the season started. Learn more about the bball legend in the Talladega release below.

Kevin Herod, athletic director and head women’s basketball coach for Talladega College begins each practice with affirmations and prayer. Since his tenure, the College’s women’s basketball program has had the highest winning percentage in the state of Alabama in all divisions.
Herod, also known as ‘Coach K,’ began his career at the College in 2009, serving as an assistant basketball coach. In 2014, he became the athletic director and has served as the head women’s basketball coach for eight years. Herod’s father inspired him to become a coach and he still remains one of his greatest mentors.
Herod was named the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference (GCAC) Coach Of the Year for a total of three years, his team has won five GCAC championships, has a winning percentage of .727, and has over 152 wins over a seven-year period.
Although he is proud of the aforementioned attainments, he said his program’s graduation rate is one of his most paramount victories in the history of his career.
“We have a 96 percent graduation rate,” said Herod. “My primary goal is to make sure our ladies graduate on time so that they are prepared for what happens after basketball.”
Herod contributes his success as being one of the ‘winningest’ coaches in the state to his players and the College’s administration. “The groups of ladies that I have had the honor of coaching have been committed, disciplined, and goal-driven,” he said. 
“When you have a combination of these three things, it helps you to win on and off the court.”
When he began his coaching career, Herod said he thought his most memorable experiences would be championship wins but now, he often reflects on the first time he saw one of his players walk across the stage to receive her diploma.
“Basketball is the ticket that affords them the opportunity but graduation is the goal, “ said Herod.
When asked what spectators should expect during this season he said, “We are focusing on character, perseverance, dedication, diligence, and mental health.”
“What you will see on the court is going to embody all of those things and I am looking forward to this being a great season,” added Herod.