University of the District of Columbia student Osman Milla has been bestowed a great honor by the Washington, D.C. mayor’s office for his tireless work against homelessness. Learn more about story from Caroline Patrickis at ABC 7 News below.

Osman Milla won Mayor Muriel Bowser’s award for Excellence in Humanities in September 2021. (Osman Milla)

Growing up in a small Honduras village, Osman Milla says food was hard to come by.

“Back in my country, I struggled so much,” Milla explained. “Basically having nothing to eat was an everyday thing.”

But, it wasn’t just food that was scarce. Milla says they were without electricity, running water, public transportation and very little education.

“That situation and experience that I had taught me how to help people,” Milla said.

It was those humble beginnings that brought Milla to pour his heart into helping others facing tough times.

The Washington, D.C. immigrant and student at the University of District of Columbia is now being honored by the mayor’s office for his charity in the district.

When he made it to the nation’s capital 14 years ago to make a better life, he was able to connect with people who are also struggling.

“I work for six years in a local DC restaurant and while I was working there I had the opportunity to make small versions of food,” Milla said. “While I was in college, I was giving the food away to the homeless who were in the streets.”

Milla’s charitable efforts were not only felt here locally, but he sent help to Honduras after devastating hurricanes.

He sent 20 extra-large boxes of donations and bought 100 mattresses to help the community members in Honduras affected by the hurricane. Milla Raised over $10,000 for seven nonprofits in Honduras that helped families in need.

Osman Milla has been helping others in need for years and it’s something he was inspired to do early in his life. Milla prepared meals from the restaurant and distributed the meals to the homeless in the D.C. area. (Osman Milla)

Finally, this fall, he was nominated for a humanities award in DC.

“Then everything that I have been doing, the community has been watching me volunteering,” Milla said.

In September, he received the mayor’s award for his work in the community.

“Never in my life!” Milla said.

He’s studying hospitality and tourism at UDC now and continues to help his country and residents around the district.

Currently, he’s raising money to send to Guanaja after a catastrophic fire that directly affected 2,500 people.