Florida A&M University football isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon! Get the full story about their chart-topping success in the story from Kylah Thompson at The Famuan below.

Credit: Florida A&M University

After seven straight wins, FAMU Football boasts the best record (8-2) for any college football team in Florida for the 2021 season. FAMU football also earned national acclaim after ranking 25th in the CBS Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) Power Rankings for week 11.

According to CBS, FAMU has what it takes to be bound for the playoffs despite experiencing a lag in early season momentum.

“The Rattlers have excellent speed on the perimeter,” reads the Top 25 list. “[They are] proving to be a matchup problem for anyone they face.”

According to Coach Willie Simmons, despite recent influxes of praise, the team has no plans to slow down anytime soon. He credits the team’s unwavering success to players’ discipline and focus both on and off the field.

“It’s about not being complacent,” Simmons said. “For us, it’s about setting our eyes on the process and not only the result. I feel like if we do that we’ll continue to have the results that take us higher.”

Rattlers and foes alike have praised Simmons for his tenacity that gets results. Simmons also acknowledged the quality of his players and their commitment to the legacy of FAMU Football.

“Recruiting defensive athletes is a huge part of what we do,” Simmons said. “When these young men can see the FAMU brand being highlighted on national television and major networks, it only helps our cause in attracting top athletes.”

Defensive Cornerback Guysen Bohler couldn’t be happier that he brought his talents to the FAMU football program to play for Simmons.

“I chose FAMU for the HBCU atmosphere,” Bohler said. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of the local culture to enjoy the experience and everything has met my expectations.”

Bohler also reflected on the chemistry that exists within the team that has helped them to maintain stride. He noted their resilience after making mistakes as their greatest strength at the moment.

“Team morale is high,” Bohler said. “Despite our two losses, we’ve been getting right with the little things, and honing in on our fundamentals.”

Bohler also expressed that the team’s ascent to being a national hot topic once again is as exciting as it is affirming. He wants the country to know that HBCUs are hotbeds for athletic greatness like no other.

“It’s a surreal feeling,” Bohler said. “It makes you feel like you’re at one of those big-time schools because we are. We’re just as capable and just as talented, and the only thing stopping us is us.”